Stef & Ryan

Oh hey! I’m Stefanie – with an “F”, not a “PH”!

Ryan is my husband and to you – the occasional second shooter for weddings which makes us a bit of a dynamic duo. He’s funny, supportive, listens to my crazy rants and like the person in your life – he’s my rock. We also have a furkid – Farfel who give tons of kisses and has a big personality. We love travelling (especially for weddings), some nerdy moments of gaming/anime, exploring beautiful BC and of course like many couples – watching Netflix together. We live in the centre of Langley and love how it is the middle ground between the busy life of Vancouver and peaceful areas as you head out to the interior. Anytime we get a chance we’re usually up just past Kamloops at Knouff Lake, a little hidden gem in the woods on a mountain. We also spend a lot of time on Vancouver Island as it’s my second home.

Photography to us, is about telling a story from a point of view. This point of view looks for laughter, high energy, full of love, candid moments. Clients who choose a stroll through the woods over the latest TV show, long chats and perhaps a pet or two in their life often become fast friends. These people often also end up being ones who value photography and know that it’s important to capture life’s moments and what happens, rather than a list. If you’re laid back, a bit silly, love to think outside the norm, look at the lighter side of life or crack a few jokes I’m sure we’d get along. I know it’s scary being in front of a camera, but we can help you feel your best – we have a unique way of making all the stress melt away. Find out more with a meeting.

~ Stefanie

Some fun facts about me! 
I believe laughing until you can’t breathe is the BEST medicine / I’m right-brained with a dash of left / I think everyone should have a dog at least once in their life / I am a Branding Coach and I’m certified in NLP, Time Line Therapy®️ and Hypnosis / I wrote a book about love / I think awkward situations become less awkward when you point it out and just laugh it off / Breath of the Wild is my favourite game of all time / wandering the forest is where I get my best ideas /  I love ocean breezes or windy days in general  / I will stop and dance weirdly in probably the most inappropriate or awkward situations / I’m slightly obsessed with violet (and teal) / I sometimes, actually often, forget my words when I photograph, my creativity takes over more than sentences / my LUCKY number is 13  / I like to be active / I love learning new shit / Fall is my absolute favourite time of year / I’m pretty keen on meeting awesome people.