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September 16, 2023

S&L’s Harrison Hot Springs Resort Wedding Photos

Harrison Hot Springs Resort is such a beautiful place to have a wedding! So when my fellow photographer Samantha asked me to come help her shoot Scott and Leah’s wedding I was totally down! While I don’t get a chance to second shoot too often, when I do it’s always […]
March 27, 2022

Kim & Erick [Cultus Lake Chilliwack Wedding Photographer]

I grew up in Chilliwack and my parents currently live there as I’m writing this, so it’s always fun to go there to photograph weddings. Kim & Erick got married this past February. Luckily, like many other February weddings I end up photographing – it was a beautiful day! A […]
October 15, 2019

Saar Bank Farm Wedding Photography in Abbotsford

Once in awhile I love to tag along with a fellow photographer and second shoot for them for the day. It’s a great chance to try out some new angles without the pressure of making sure the day runs smoothly and see how other talented people work. Back in the […]
May 25, 2019

Steph & Tyler’s Adventure Engagement Session at Harrison Lake

I met Steph through Stacey just over 4 years ago, who is a good friend and was her day of coordinator for the wedding! I love this because Stacey had hired me after attending another wedding I photographed, and then Terynn is a friend of Stacey’s as well and hired me […]
April 10, 2018

Tash’s Rainy Day Abbotsford Photos

I’ve known Tash now for almost three years and she’s been in front of my camera a number of times by herself or with her family. We always have an awesome time doing pictures and we seem to have this battle between her doing serious photos and me making her […]
January 19, 2018

Dmitri & Kim’s Engagement Session in Abbotsford [Fraser Valley Wedding Photographer]

When I met up with Dmitri and Kim initially, I knew that they would be a great couple to get to know. They have a sassy sense of humour, joke around with each other (and me), appreciate quality and value and are just all around caring people. While they aren’t […]
December 24, 2017

A&S’s Wedding at Fraser River Lodge [Fraser Valley Photographer]

Anyone who’s known someone to get married in the last few years in the Fraser Valley has probably heard of the Fraser River Lodge out in Agassiz. It’s a beautiful, rustic, all inclusive location that is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and situated by the Fraser River. So when our […]